Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Truly Born Again or a Counterfeit births

If you are truly born again:

1. You will come into contact with your ungodly wicked nature and realize that you are helpless to remedy it.

2.You realize that Jesus suffered for separation from the Father for your sin
3. You understand that his physical resurrection was in his glorified body. 
4. The other key is that you believe he was physically raised from dead.
5. You will have great joy and GRATITUDE, because you realize that Jesus was your substitute
6. A love for the brothers most importantly a love for the truth. You understand that Jesus suffered emotionally being separated from the Father for your sake. When you are truly saved you will do righteousness

Signs of the counterfeit birth are:

1. Continual guilt about your sins

2. The ability to continue to sin without conviction.
3. Doing spiritual things , Reading bible, Worshiping, Praying, tithe etc. in a very mechanical way,        meaning without life feeling like these things must be done in order to maintain salvation.
4. Feeling constantly tormented, in mind or emotions.
5.  No real love for truth or brothers
6.  A reliance on a fleshy or supernatural experience to confirm salvation. IE: Crying,  Speaking in tongues, Goose bumps, etc.
7.  Feeling you must do something in order to complete the salvation, ie the sinners prayer to ask Jesus to come into my heart.

*A key point that you said Jesus want to shine through your mind will and emotions
*Without Jesus we can not seek true righteousness.
*The flesh can give, do allot of things
without God including giving up addictions, giving up gossip and lying
* True fruit is evident by your faith and continual growth in righteousness and truth about who you are      "Crucifying your flesh"

You will be able to rightly divide word of God

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