Monday, January 31, 2011

Spiritual awakening or possessed by demon - What is the difference?

Christians are mixing these two events which leads to deception of true Christians. This is called The great apostasy in the End Times and are lead by Toronto movement followers.


Yes Jana, I will answer your questions one by one. To start with :
 1. Are those people getting possessed by demon ( opening up for demons) or are they getting filled by Holy Spirit?

First let us understand what is possession (in simple terms here it means taking over with consent or without consent something which initially was not yours) Now demonic or spirit possession is similar. The demon identifies a person with a weak soul and forcibly enters the body and it is called demonic possession. However there is the other side to it where in a person knowingly and with consent allows the demon or spirit to take control of his body, the question arises why would someone want to do that and the answer is to gain powers (what type of powers) to influence the mind of others, to forecast the future, to harm his adversaries physically and mentally - are some of the examples. You might ask how is this demon possession with consent done, Devil is powerful in his evil ways and over time his army of black magicians have identified a number of his lesser generals who each possess different powers and they have been named different names according to the different regions of the world. So the magicians offer different type of rituals to these demons, for them to come and possess them and thus they can use the power of the demons for their benefit. Usually with the ritual - chanting is a must (which is preset for that particular ritual) and what the chanting dose is -it creates vibrations which ties up the demon with the magician, to take possession in a controlled way so that when ever the magician needs the assistance of the demon the magician chants and the demon is at his service - This process is called (Siddhi) which implies winning over the demon to serve you when ever you want him to. Now as many Siddhi’s as a Magician has that much more powerful he is and that many more demons he has at his service.

After the explanation above I think it is crystal clear that opening up for demons is exactly the opposite of getting filled by the Holy Spirit. I am sure I need not explain about the Holy Spirit ever Christian must know it (here I would also like to humbly admit that there maybe a lot of my fellow Christians out there who have much more knowledge than me about this, so if my understanding as Lord God put in my soul is a bit different from your understanding please do not take offence. So we come to the question how do we get filled by the Holy Spirit. In my experience I have seen the coming of the Holy Spirit by – prolonged and concentrated prayers ( also at times when no words are being said in the actual prayer but the mind is focused on God – an example would be we imagine we are sitting in a beautiful garden thinking of nothing but the presence of God and only our breath going in and out of the body – we would in time feel bright light in our forehead, which is beyond any experience to explain – and the wonderful beauty of this moment is to feel the love and out of love ask for the good of a brother or sister – usually the request for healing of someone not well works wonders.

I have also felt the coming of the Holy Spirit listening to the teachings of a preacher who has prepared his sermon well after a good study – because if he has not given the time and devotion to do so – his words would not touch the heart and soul’s of the listeners. Similarly good Gospel music and can fill one with the Holy Spirit. Like wise each person would have a different experience upon the coming of the Holy Spirit – you could see tears rolling down their cheeks or they receive unexplained healing --- just anything is possible for our beloved Holy Spirit. Amen.

2. Satan always mimics. Mimics what? There must be something he mimics that is from God.

The more disobedient and defiant we are with the things of God (for example - following his commandments) the more likely we are to be left alone by him to our own devices to be deceived by men and Satan. Satan may and can mimic many things, but he can't mimic the Holy Spirit because if he could, we could never have know the spiritual truth, an idea that Satan could mimic the Holy Spirit is a satanic doctrine designed by the adversary to cause people to deny or doubt the influence of the Holy Spirit. The truth is witness of the Holy Spirit and is reserved for God and God alone.

All the laws and teachings of the prophets are summed up in two points. Love God and love your neighbor, (Matt. 22:36-40). So if Satan could mimic the Love and peace that "entices us to do good" then he would be on the wrong team. All that is good comes from God and that which is evil does not. Satan cannot cast out Satan and Love cannot produce hate.

If our heart and minds are focused on our God, and we give him first place in our life and value his commandments, no man or Satan can deceive us with any mimicry.

3. Is this Antichrist New Age religion (Kundalini) or is this awakening spiritually?

The word 'Kundalini' can be traced to the Sanskrit word 'kundala', which means 'coiled'. Kundalini can therefore be used by (believers in it) to refer to the latent energy within the human body which is constantly trying to manifest as our insight, power and bliss. The practices are said to enable the person to merge with or "yoke" the universal self. This merging of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness is said to create a "divine union" called "yoga".

Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing and tapping into inner energy and awareness. Practitioners call Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness because they claim it directly affects human consciousness, develops intuition, increases self knowledge, and unleashes the unlimited creative potential that exists within every human being. According to yogic philosophy, the kundalini is a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine. The path of Kundalini is said to proceed from the Muladhara Chakra at the lower end of the spinal column up to the Sahasara Chakra at the top of the head. But its awakening is not thought to be a physical occurrence; it consists exclusively of a development in consciousness. According to some claims, awakening of kundalini brings with it pure joy, pure knowledge and pure love.

 So we can say Kundalini has nothing to do with Anti Christ or New Age religion or Spiritual awakening. It is rather a very ancient eastern practice of development of consciousness much like people do yoga under the guidance of a teacher as a form of exercise so that their body may benefit from the exercise.

4. Are Christians just rigid and religious in old fashion way?
Why are so many Christians afraid to even talk about such things, are we not protected (there is no fear in Love)?

Are Christians just rigid and religious in old fashion way? the answer to this question would differ from person to person, because each person would be answering this question with reference and experience to their own up bringing and later experiences as an adult Christian, I think many Christians are not afraid to talk about such things – but are rather confused what to say – because they have seen everything being done in a proper way and systematically. It was so in their Fathers time and so is it now and would continue to be so.

5. If this is wrong why don’t preachers talk about this?

I think most of the preachers are not even aware if there is a problem of any kind in the spiritual life of their parishioners. What I feel is if someone has a problem they should approach their preacher with the problem and their preacher would surely come up with a good and reasonable answer.

Praise be to our God most high. Amen.

By a humble man who loves the lord above anything else in this world: "my lord God has blessed me beyond my expectations".


  1. According to Christianity is following to consider as occult: Horoscope, ouiji boards, eastern mysticism, astrology, “white magic,” hypnotism, or any kind of altered conscious state.

  2. This is a description by a person who has experienced this condition "Kundalini": I was very Anxious and fearful and Could feel a huge snake in my spine. I was rigid and very uncomfortable. I felt as if this thing wanted to throttle me and rob me of my life.