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What do we need to do as christians ?

We need to know which issues are salvation issues and which are not. This is a question to ALL my friends. You can answer by writing numbers which are issues for salvation ?
For example:

Do we need to know or do following ?:

1. If the HolySpirit is male or female ?
2. If two witnesses are two physical persons or two groups of people ?
3. If Jesus is God the Father or not ?
4. If you need to know the exact date when you were born again ?
5. If you need to repent from your own sins?
6. If you need to know and renounce every sin you have ?
7. Is God a person or is God just a power ?
9. Is God one two or three persons ?
10. If you need to read the Bible regularly ?
11. If you need to Believe that God exists ?
12. If you need to Believe that Jesus is the only way to know God ?
13. Have fellowship with people who claim to be christians ?
14. To lead people to faith in God ?
15. If Bride of Christ are Jews or christians or both ?
16. If you need to be sinless ?
17. If you need to keep the sabbath ?
18. If you need to be baptized in the water ?
19. If you need to love every person around you all the time ?
20. If you need to pray everyday ?
21. If you need to forgive everyone ?
22. If you need to speak in tongues ?
23. If you need to cast out demons ?
24. If you need to help the poor ?
25. If you need to expose evil ?
26. If you need to know if there is a hell ?
27. If you need to know the difference between spiritual and physical ?
28. Do we need to know what happens after death ?

  • Johnny Long I believe when we are talking about "SALVATION" issues, the only thing on the list that matters is #12. It's like the solid foundation we must have before anything else in order to come to any of the other 27 items listed here, to whatever extent we will be. If you don't have Jesus, you can't POSSIBLY have God. 

    In today's world we see people everywhere "revising" the definition of just Who God is and how many different avenues of life one can travel to reach Him. They are leaning to their own understanding (Prov. 3:5) and, in effect, trying to "create a 'god' in their own image--exactly backwards from how things really work; much like e-v-i-l is a backwards way to l-i-v-e and the past-tense "l-i-v-e-d" is an accurate appellation for "reverse" worship (d-e-v-i-l). 

    If y'all will indulge me one more time, there is this:

    All Roads Lead to Heaven....NOT..!!!!!

    There is a tragic kind of mistaken identity described in the Bible--the mistaken notion that all "religious" roads lead to Heaven. It would seem that the old saying is true that hell will be populated with multitudes of "religious" people. Maybe at one time it was true that all roads led to Rome. But Rome is a L-O-N-G way from Heaven.

    It is indeed a sad thing when anyone takes a stand against all religion and refuses to believe in any god whatsoever. But it is even more tragic when someone is lulled into a sort of "spiritual slumber", resting in some kind of religion that will never solve the problem of sin or gain entrance into God's Heaven. Religion, in brief, can be defined as man's efforts to reach God, while Christianity is God reaching down to man. Religion rests on man's work for God; Christianity on God's work on behalf of men.

    It's been said before, quite accurately, that you can go to Heaven God's way, or you can go to hell any way you want. You can go to hell as a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Judaist, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Bhuddist, Hindu, Moslem--whatever. You can go as a preacher, a priest, a rabbi, bishop, elder, shaman, guru, or layman. You don't have to be an "atheist" or an agnostic, in other words, because even those two things are nothing more than another type of "religion."

    There's only two choices for every man, and everyone has to make one choice or the other: it is the same choice as life or death, blessing or curse, "religion" or Christianity. That choice is Jesus or anything less, which is everything else.

    Choose this day whom ye will serve. (Josh. 24:15)
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  • Linda Danchak Well said, Johnny. I appreciated your answer. You have to first believe that Jesus is who He is. That confession is the rock on to which the church is built. The rest are really evidence of really knowing and receiving that fact by living from that. We can become confused by what is salvation and what is evidence of salvation. Some evidence can be counterfeit, which leads many to further confusion and deception. Remembering that it was God who reached down is very humbling. That being said, it is not something to be taken lightlly. The scripture about salt losing its saltiness comes to mind. heart emoticon
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  • Linda Danchak Some would characterize a passionate reception of #12 religious. I know I've been accused because of # 12 alone. Believing Jesus is the only way, will separate you from those who do not receive it. heart emoticon It does not mean that you cannot and should not love those who don't receive Jesus, even as you come to see how much man's ways are not God's ways.
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  • Linda Danchak Reading further in your list, I think to appreciate salvation, you must understand the need for it. Many are blind because of sin. This is where talk of heaven and hell may be part of a discussion about salvation.
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  • Johnny Long Thank YOU, Linda, for such kind words of encouragement. smile emoticon

    And, I know it's "not for everybody," but at least for myself, I'm not concerned at all about those kinds of accustions because I know it's only that they don't understand (as yet) that Jesus
     IS God (John 10:30) and God is the Holy Spirit (John 4:24) and they are all Three the Same (I John 5:7). I have enough of an understanding of John 14:20 to know what Abigail meant when she told David that his soul was "bound up in the bundle of life with the Lord (our) God" (I Sam. 25:29). I have never lost a "friend" that Jesus didn't replace with a real one. We are, after all, in need of being purged (pruned) now and then to be rid of any "dead-weight" that would drag us down (John 15:1-2). It's really something to be thankful for that any time someone would cut YOU off, it is ALWAYS their loss--never yours. wink emoticon

    God bless you, sister. smile emoticon like emoticon
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  • Joshua Adams We repent, we believe, we add to our virtue the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We ask we seek and we knock. We first remove the plank from our own eyes to then be able to help others with the speck in theirs. Like little children, infants of our heavenly Father we crave the pure milk of the word of God, and we work out our own salvation in reverential fear and trembling, becuase God Himself is working in us to will and to do His good pleasure for us. Our lives are not our own, and only by doing what He created for us to do we find our lives, hidden with Christ in God. We have faith in God
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  • Jana Hager Amen, Amen and Amen to all of you !!!

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  1. I would answer 11, 12 and 5., will lead to new birth in spirit and knowledge about 3. The rest will be the result of it.