Thursday, November 27, 2014

You are a new creation

Your spirit totally changed at salvation!

Upon making Jesus Christ your Lord, your spirit underwent an instant and complete transformation. Typically, your body and soul are both impacted by what happened, but it’s not total, nor complete.

People who don’t understand that the change took place in their spirits and has to work its way out into their souls and bodies are usually quite disappointed. “I thought I’d become a brand-new person. Jesus was going to change everything!” Then unbelief takes hold. “But things didn’t change, and I’m still the same!” Some may seriously doubt whether or not they were saved. Those who do maintain their salvation often lose faith that they’ll ever really experience and enjoy it here in this life.

But the truth is—your spirit has totally changed! You aren’t in the process of trying to get anything from God. Everything you’ll ever need in the Christian life is already present in its entirety in your spirit! At this very moment, your born-again spirit is as perfect and complete as it’ll ever be throughout all eternity. You won’t get a new one when you arrive in heaven, and neither will it need to be matured, completed, or cleaned up from any defilement down here on earth. Your spirit is—right now—as perfect, mature, and complete as Jesus Himself!

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