Wednesday, April 01, 2015

COVERING - Why don't people understand covering ?

I have to share with you all about "COVERING". This is what almost no man I know have understood yet. Let me try to explain:

Covering is somthing one hide under or somthing that protects you.

I believe if it is from satan then humans hide under that covering, it can be government, army, company, idea, doctrine, group and even family.

The covering from God is God Himself and His protection of his children. We are covered by the grace of God.

Now the Bible speaks about "Woman" or "Virgins" and all born again Christians know that this Biblical woman is a spiritual picture of all believers i e all humans in the world who purify themselves for God. This is the Bride of Christ preparing herself for the groom. Jesus is groom and God the Father will be or is our Husband. Those are spiritual pictures of our relationship with True God.

This is also a picture or the truth about connection between soul or flesh and the spirit in one human being. The Biblical man represents spirit and biblical woman represents flesh. So indirectly the biblical man represents God the husband and biblical woman represents the church, the bride of Christ i e all believers.

Now when you look at this from this perspective the woman should be quiet and have a covering in the church. This means true believers, because they are the church, the bride, and this biblical woman, they are to have God as covering and to be submissive to God. To go to the closet and reason with God the husband.

Now what about the man who should NOT have the covering ? I believe this is about satans covering, i e everything standing between man and God. Every kind of covering a man, a humans try to hide under. To hide their sin. (the fig leaves from the Garden of Eden) And this covering is the same as "The sin".

OK, now think about " earth bound humans" I mean religious and worldly people who are not yet born in spirit. How will they interpret this ?

They will put on "physical women" a burkas or forbid them to speak in a group or to a men , or to preach and teach in religious churches or buildings.

This is just another type of "Burka".Those who are in flesh will interpret from flesh and talk about the flesh. Because they don't see in the spirit, they are still blind and demonic i e earth bound.

Share your comment about this ?

By Jana Hager

  • Jana Hager Jesus said to the disciples, who then all were men,how to be submissive to each other by washing their feet, He The Master Himself did it. He washed their feet. He made an example to all disciples. Those disciples represents today all believers men and women who have blood of Jesus as the only covering. All who are called. Disciples today are all who follow Jesus, men and women. The bride of Christ are men and women who are chosen.

  • Jana Hager This Bride will be submissive to God, the Husband, without any kind of "Burka" visible or invisible.

  • Jana Hager This Bride will be raptured soon. Then the hell will break loose on earth when nothing hinders it anymore.

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  1. So Why don't people understand covering ? Because it is covered for the flesh.