Saturday, April 25, 2015

True Apostles are Being Released!!

In this season the Lord is restoring true apostles in the earth. As this apostolic government comes into view and is established, the Lord is releasing new keys - governmental keys of Kingdom authority that will be matched by no other generation.

true apostles are arising. The prophets bring the revelation and the apostles bring the application.

These apostles will be men and women like Joshua - leaders that bring the rest into the Promised Land. These apostles will not be appointed by man, but by God. In fact, many of them will look extremely different from what we would call "apostolic." This new breed of apostolic order will not fear losing their reputation nor be concerned about what the newspapers are saying, but rather, they will speak what the real news is. The secular newspapers won't judge the Church; it will be the other way around.

Apostolic Paradigm Shift {ing}, Sift, and an Eagle- Lion goes together...Double portion shall be release from God's Throne!

Daniel 11:32

In this present apostolic paradigm shifting, there is the further consideration of three important words ending with the "ift" as in "Lift." Why don't we give a brief definition of the terms "Shift, Sift, and Swift."

Shift - To move or transfer from one place or position to another - a change from one individual, configuration, direction, form, or position to another.

Sift - To put through a sieve or another straining device in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles. To distinguish as if separating from a sieve. To examine carefully and closely. It simply carries the idea of "passing through."

Swift - Moving or capable of moving with great speed. Coming, occurring, or accomplished quickly - "Behold, I come Quickly!"

Apostolic and Prophetic kindred: continuation Apostolic Paradigm Shift {ing}, Sift, and Swift... In these three important words lies important characteristics of the present apostolic paradigm. However, I must say, that the masses of believers at large has not caught the Spirit of the Shifting, Sifting, or the Swift momentum and accellerated thrust of this spiritual dimension. For many, church goes on as usual, with the same predictable normacly each week. In such, we may be attemtping to keep alive the old creation and paradigm of church from our former chaotic thinking. Our concepts are being lovingly challenged as to what the church is and what it is not. If God has put an end to a thing, why are we still trying so desperately and feverishly to keep it alive?

Therefore, we need a transitioning in our mentalities as to the true meaning of our corporate purpose in the earth. We need not to build millions of people on a fun-dation {thrills, frills, chills, and spills}, but a strong foundation {Ezra 3:11-12}, and to take this core kingdom value into demonstration, becoming a people of habitation. We need the substance of the incarnate Christ to walk out this life-giving and life-changing nature.

In the present apostolic paradigm shifting, there is a divine sifting, yes beloved, sifting. There is the straining through God's divine instruments of process, a people prepared for the Father's unlimited glory. There is the sifting away of old ideas and mentalities, even the melting away of the elements {rudimentary and fundamental foundations of our old understanding} with the fervent heat of his refining fire. Internal states are being realigned to HIS eternal state so that we can function with focus in an external world...Romans 12:2:

So, with the consideration of the word sift and swift involved with the apostolic paradigm shift, lets briefly list some important areas this apostolic paradigm is taking place in.
1 - Apostolic Paradigm Shifting and Sifting in the understanding of the nature of the church, the saints, and the body of Christ:
Church as we know it can be a colloquial trip. We need to define properly what the church is and what it is not. In Acts 19:32, 40, the riotous mob assembled together, and there was nothing holy about it. In all of the quarrel and dissension of many, they leave the exact same way or worse than the way they had came together. According to Ephesians 2:5-6, we are quicken, raised, and seated together with Christ. This principle also reveals the purpose of the corporate anointing, reaffirming the same thing which takes place in our transformation into the Last Adam. Isaiah 11:3; 1 Corinthians 15:45-47

May we learn this lesson that is so vital, For without worship in Spirit we sit as men idle. So arise ye ones of His election into this place, For here and here alone do we gaze into His face. Tis the place that we are changed from glory to glory; And then Redemption is no longer just a story. The Glory of His Matchless Grace, Can now in every detail of life be traced. Complete Redemption and God's Glory fully revealed; All is now seen that has from eternity been concealed.

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