Saturday, May 23, 2015

A triumphant church rising up right now !

There is a triumphant church rising up even now, coming out of great trials of faith. This last-days church is emerging from fiery furnaces and long days of affliction. 

So, you ask, what does God plan to do?

Prayer Revivalist Antonio ToriagaStudy...What I see happening is the Holy Spirit at work bringing a people into utter brokenness. He’s leading them to a revelation of weakness in their own flesh, in order to show himself strong. I see him bringing his people to the end of themselves, crushing their stubborn wills, until their mindset becomes only, “His will be done.” I see him leading his beloved ones into places of trial so difficult only a miracle can deliver them. And through it all, they are becoming wholly dependent on the Lord for everything.

Does this describe your situation? Perhaps you’ve been walking with Jesus for years, and you’ve never faced a test like the one in front of you right now. Things are coming at you that seem overwhelming, things that only God can do something about. And you realize only he can bring you through.

Right now, Islamics are preparing for a final jihad, to “take over the world” for Allah. Islamic training camps are rising up worldwide with a message of hate, characterized by merciless beheadings.

Yet the Lord also has a people in training, a people he’s going to use to face down the wrath of this world. How will he accomplish this? He is training and equipping them in his loving kindness and peace. Our God is a God of love, and he won’t use bombs, guns or suicide squads, but an overcoming people who are fearless in the Lord of tender mercies.

All over the world, God’s people are experiencing suffering, afflictions and torture more than ever in their lifetime. And of this I am sure: there is a divine, eternal purpose in the intensity of these spiritual and physical battles now being endured in the true body of Christ. “His tender mercies are over all his works” (Psalm 145:9 )...


  1. Prayer Revivalist Antonio Toriaga
    6 hrs ·
    Dry spells always follow mountain top experiences or times when we have been blessed by God. The Lord teaches us things about His nature by the trials we endure here on earth. If you are on dry ground you are on your way to a great miracle. Dry ground is a pathway to the Promised Land. Its on dry ground that the enemy is defeated and the wheels of pharaohs' chariots fall off. Dry ground is where Jesus reveals Himself to us. God has promised that out of dry places NEW LIFE will spring up.

  2. by Prayer Revivalist Antonio Toriaga

    Anybody can praise the Lord after the victory is won but there is a song that God is yearning to hear on the testing side. We must get to the point where we say Lord I am not going to allow the devil to harass me and put me into a pit of fear and despair. We must fix our minds on Jesus and take a stand to trust God in every impossible situation. This generation is demanding a song of hope. We are the song of hope in these last days. The song we sing is that God is faithful and He is able to take us through every trial!


  3. Prayer Revivalist Antonio Toriaga

    The Mind of Prayer Warrior:
    It is so important for ''EVERY INTERCESSOR'' to be fully persuaded of what they believe. We must be fixed on the fact that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. It is time for the Apostolic and Prophetic Church of Jesus Christ to rise up and pray in the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of truth. He makes the truth of God's Word go from our head into our heart. Through the fires and through the floods God's people will stand in the Grace of God!!

  4. Prayer Revivalist Antonio Toriaga

    The hour of God's power manifests at the end of man's resources. God is pleased to wait until all striving and human effort cease and your situation calls for nothing less than a miracle. God knows the day and the exact hour that He will intervene. In the midst of these dark seasons while we are waiting for Him to act trust that the Holy Spirit is standing by ready to take action. God is calling His people to abandon themselves to prayer and praise, believing that He is still on the Throne and He is in control! In the day of darkness Jesus Christ is still the light of the world!