Monday, October 31, 2011

Benny Hinn and other false preachers

I am still amazed how people can follow this madness. May God turn His face to this man and others like him and bless them with His righteous judgment.

Benny Hinn made all of his prosperity and money on "SICK people". Shame on this evil man and all other like him. I would not like to be in their cloths on judgment day.
All his followers are not evil, Satan is evil and those people are only stupid fools because they did not love the truth to receive wisdom from God.

BHM raises funds for a Gulfstream jet
In December 2006, BennyHinnMinestries sent out a mailing asking for donations towards a new Gulfstream G4SP jet valued at an estimated US$36 million and costing over US$600,000/year to maintain and operate. The 22-seat craft was purchased in 2007 and christened "Dove One".

Amazing how silly people give him all of it and not only that they defend him in all their stupidity. Not knowing that they will share responsibility for all his iniquities. There are lot of his followers all over the world, I hope at least couple of them will be saved. Those DEMONS will not easily let them go.
But if you are one charismatic and Pentecostal or any other Latter rain follower who read this I am telling you: "Those demons are not your friends, they will destroy you at the end".
Those who have ears let them hear now and be saved, Amen!

We don´t need "Mediators" or "Building" or "meetings" to be healed. Think people!

To all followers of this madness:
Use your brain that you have disconnected because of these false doctrines you have been fed for a long time. If God is almighty , WHY should he need Benny or any man or guru to heal you.
THAT IS REALLY STUPID, If God want to heal you He can heal you where ever He likes and whenever He wants. Do you think our almighty God needs help from people, then think again and this time use your brain, connect it back. Give your money to poor as Bible tells us, stop supporting those demos. Rise up and shine, don´t be a coward. No cowards will be in heaven.
I am praying for all of you who hear what God is telling you.

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