Thursday, June 02, 2011

Roman Catholicism - Cult

Roman Catholicism is a major Hugh cult period, that is why all false religions will merge with her in the tribulation period, one world religion. 

they are not a part of Christ's Church Body; this is a theology made up by Constantine in the 4th century a. d.; they do not have one false doctrine; they have many false doctrines; we are to judge by their spiritual fruits, or we find ourselves disobeying Christ's command; to beware of false prophets and teachers, that you be not deceived; spurious doctrines far out of the bible; they call themselves the one true church of Christ; apostolic succession, when it was 400 years after the apostles before this false entity came into being, and from an emperor of Rome ?

Large as they are; they are not in the bible; catholics read the pope's encylicals[writings] and equate them on the level of the bible, and coming from God.

He calls himself The Vicar of the earth, they claim Mary was an immaculate virgin, not so, she had children after Jesus with Joseph, whom she was engaged to be married, james, joses, simon, jude,  all half brothers of Jesus, and they had sisters.

They claim Peter was the first pope, he had a wife, no pope in all of history is allowed a wife, same as priests,doctrine of devils, forbidding to eat meat on Friday, except fish, confession tradition to a priest who needs the lord himself,

1St Timothy 2:5 there one God and one intercessor between God and man, the man Christ Jesus, they call anyone professing christianity, fallen brethern [false] while most churches are in apostasy, it is not from them they believe taking of communion is the real blood and flesh of Jesus Christ, false, it is symbolic of the taking of his flesh and blood and similar to baptism, an act of obedience, there are many churches across the world [like ours] who are doing the lord's work, we feel his presence in our service, if you can find such a church in your area it is a growing in grace thing to do, because Jesus went to the temple each sabbath himself, often to preach, and to listen, even though he is all knowing, at twelve, he be-fuddled religious leaders in the temple of his vast knowledge, they were talking to the creator and did not know him.

David, a man after God's own heart said:
I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the lord if there were no stable balanced churches around in my area, I would stay home myself.

By Clarence.

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